6 times The Oak Barn took our Breath Away

© Daffodil Waves Photography

No matter what the time of year or style of wedding, the serenity, beauty and natural elegance of the Oak Barn never fails to delight. Here are just a few of the reasons why it remains forever special in our hearts.

A bride and groom say their wedding vows in front of guests in the Oak Barn at Mythe Barn

© Grace Nicole Photography

1. When the lighting is truly spectacular

Elegant lighting creates a romantic ambience, and in the Oak Barn we see romance in abundance! Our delicate tulip lights provide that ‘fairy light’ effect and you might choose to line the aisle with lanterns. And, of course, the magnificent windows let the light come flooding through, often bathing our couples in sunlight as they say their vows.

The Oak Barn at Mythe Barn is set up for an elegant wedding ceremony

© Ed Brown Photography

2. When it captures those special moments

The Oak Barn will greet your guests on arrival. You’ll walk down the aisle here, say your vows here and celebrate as you walk hand in hand through the barn as a married couple. You’ll dance the night away under these beams, full of love for your new spouse, your friends and family. Indeed, this magnificent room hosts some of the most special moments of your life.

The newlyweds get emotional after saying their wedding vows in the Oak Barn at Mythe Barn

© Grace Nicole Photography

3. When thoughtful details add an element of personalisation

The beauty of the Oak Barn speaks for itself, but adding some decoration introduces your wedding style. From chair decorations to signage and flowers, just a few carefully considered details gives the barn your own bespoke look.

Giant love letters add a dramatic effect in the Oak Barn at Mythe Barn for a wedding ceremony

© Daffodil Waves Photography

4. When elegant flowers bring the outside in

Introduce the season and your wedding colour scheme with some pretty blooms. Focus on decorating areas that your guests will notice, namely the front of the barn and perhaps some pretty petals to line the aisle. Of course, the barn also offers breath-taking views over the countryside beyond.

Bring the outside in for your wedding ceremony with elegant wedding flowers in the Oak Barn at Mythe Barn

© Shane Webber Photography

5. When the barn embraces different themes

With its neutral canvas, the Oak Barn is the perfect setting for every possible colour scheme. We love to see the wonderful variety, from elegant hues of whites, pinks and golds to the more dramatic reds, purples and blues.

In the Oak Barn at Mythe Barn the wedding aisle is lined with wild flowers as the newlyweds celebrate their marriage

© Pixies in the Cellar

6. When it comes to life again in the evening

As the sun goes down, the Oak Barn transforms itself and becomes your dance floor. Not only is it the setting for your wedding vows, it will also see your first dance – two of the most romantic moments of your wedding day.

Newlyweds perform their first dance in the Oak Barn at Mythe Barn in front of their friends and family

© Samuel Docker Photography

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