Our Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

Inspiration – 11.04.23

After your big day has taken place, your wedding photographs will become one of your most treasured possessions, enabling you to look back and relive every moment of your special day.

A lot goes into planning a wedding so it’s important that every detail is captured, as well as each magical moment. A good photographer will capture the atmosphere of the day, from happy moments as you get ready with your bridesmaids through to dancing at the end of the evening.

We have put together a complete guide to wedding photography, from choosing the right photographer to planning the all-important shots you’d like captured.

Choose the right wedding photographer

Perhaps the most important tip of all… finding a great photographer that suits your budget, your personality and your style is crucial.

Begin by looking online at photography styles and find a selection of photographers whose work you like the look of. When you’ve narrowed your selection down to three or four photographers, the final decision comes down to cost and personality. Always arrange to meet with a photographer before making your booking. On such an important day, you want to make sure that you get along well with him or her. A good relationship will help you relax when photographs are being taken and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Visit your wedding venue for ideas

A beautiful setting can make all the difference to a photograph, so take a walk around your wedding venue and consider the best spots for photography. There might, for example, be a particularly lovely tree or a walled garden outside, or a magnificent staircase inside. Think of your venue as a photographic location and think about the perfect areas for your portrait shots, taking the possibility of bad weather into consideration.

If your photographer is familiar with the venue, that’s great. If not, a good photographer should always visit the venue beforehand. Here at Mythe Barn we have a selection of photographers that have worked at our venue many times before. Find the full list of our recommended suppliers here.

Create a list of must-have shots

All too often, couples receive their wedding photographs after the big day and realise that they don’t have a couple of key shots – perhaps there isn’t a photo of you with grandma or a single snap of Great Aunt Betty. If you don’t tell your photographer what your essential photographs are, they might not take them. Write a list, point out key members of your family and friends to the photographer and leave it in their capable hands.

Must-have Shots

The best wedding photographs are those that capture the emotion and style of your entire day, from start to finish. Here are some of the essential moments you might like to consider adding to your must-have photographs list.


Getting ready shots

We all love those informal, reportage shots of the bride, the groom and their attendants preparing for the day ahead.

If you’re getting ready at Mythe Barn, ask your photographer to capture you getting ready with your bridesmaids or friends in our elegant Bridal Preparation Room. Your photographer might take shots of your dress hanging up and details such as your shoes, jewellery and bouquet.

Once you’re ready, be sure to ask your photographer to take photographs of the front and back of your dress, and to capture fun and heartfelt moments with your bridesmaids, as well as the moment you walk down the stairs to your ceremony.

A few shots of the groom and his ushers preparing for the wedding are a must, along with some close-up details of his accessories from his shoes, to his watch and wedding ring.

Top tip – Consider hiring a makeup artist. While it seems like something of a luxury, it leads to a relaxing morning and means that your makeup stays looking great throughout the day, and in all of your photographs. Always ask your makeup artist what you should carry in a handbag throughout the day to keep your makeup fresh – your ‘touch up’ kit – it might be nothing more than some powder and lipstick.


Venue Detail Shots

While photographs of you, your family and friends are key, it’s also important to capture the details of your day. With your flowers in place and the venue dressed for your special day, it’s lovely to take a few photographs, both inside and out, before guests arrive.

Detail shots could include stationery, your wedding cake, table centrepieces and the ceremony space.


Ceremony Shots

If you’re getting married at Mythe Barn, be sure to ask your photographer to take beautiful shots of The Oak Barn before your guests arrive and when they are seated. Flooded with natural light, The Oak Barn is the perfect setting for romantic photographs, and the minstrels gallery is a great spot for taking photographs from above.


Walking down the aisle

Every couple needs a photograph of a bride or groom walking down the aisle accompanied by a treasured family member, and the reaction of your partner as they see you. It’s a moment you’ll always remember.


I do moment

These wonderful photographs capture the emotions between a couple as they say their vows and exchange wedding rings. There’s no reason why there can’t be a few light-hearted moments leading up to the all-important first kiss.


The confetti moment

The moment you leave the ceremony and are congratulated by family and friends makes for truly memorable photographs. Add a sky filled with confetti for truly impactful photographs.


The Wedding Party

It’s essential to have some photographs of those beautiful ladies and handsome chaps you both love so dearly, and we love seeing alternatives to the more traditional, posed photographs. Gather your friends together and have a good laugh together. Those are the moment you won’t want to forget.


The Two of You

Some of the best photos are taken when you’re able to escape for a romantic stroll with just your photographer to keep you company.

As your guests enjoy drinks and canapés, spend a little time alone and head outside if the weather allows. At Mythe Barn, our beautiful gardens and surrounding countryside provide an exquisite backdrop, and even if you’re not using the gazebo for your ceremony, it’s a great spot for photographs.

Take a walk down the picturesque driveway with fields on either side for some relaxed, romantic and intimate photographs of the two of you.


Friends and Family

It’s great to get large group shots of friends and family but, all too often, they are rather unimaginative and purely functional.

The drinks reception provides a great opportunity to take relaxed, reportage style pictures of your guests mingling and chatting. It’s also the time to get elegant photographs of your delicious canapés and cocktails. These detailed photos will really build a picture of your day.


Dining and Speeches

As well as capturing The Grain Store dressed for your wedding, it’s important to take shots as guests sit down to dine. We love to see happy photographs of the newlyweds walking into the room to the applause of loved ones.


First Dance

As day turns to evening, your photographs should highlight the excitement of the party. You’ll want to capture your first dance in a way that feels fluid and emotive. It’s also lovely to see your guests on the dancefloor – particularly family members and groups of friends singing along to floor fillers.

Top tip – Ask your photographer to take a photo from the outside looking in, through the characterful barn windows at Mythe Barn.


The Finale

Alas, all good things must come to an end! If you’re ending your wedding night with sparklers, fireworks or even confetti cannons, you’re guaranteed to secure spectacular photographs, marking the perfect end to a magical day.

Allow Enough Time

Photographs should never be an afterthought, and they should never be rushed. Whilst great photographers can capture moments quickly, as they happen, they also require time and space to capture the mood. Allow plenty of time, for example, to take photographs before you leave for the ceremony, giving yourself half an hour to relax and smile before you set off for your ‘I do’ moment.

Consider Social Media

If you would prefer your guests not to add their wedding snaps to social media before you’ve posted the professional shots, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask them politely not to do so. You might put a note in the order of service, or ask your celebrant or registrar to announce it before the ceremony.

While it can be a lovely idea to share amateur photos, if you’d like some control over what is shared, set up a designated private account on something like Flickr. More and more couples are requesting an ‘unplugged’ wedding and ask that their guests refrain from taking photos or using social media. If you ask nicely, it’s no big deal.

Relax and Enjoy Your Day

Your photographer is a talented professional, experienced at capturing fantastic photos throughout the day. Don’t look for the camera or worry about whether a rain shower is going to force a photo relocation – it’s their job to sweat the small stuff, and the most important thing for you to do is relax and enjoy every moment. That way, your photographer will be able to catch those special shots of you laughing with your bridesmaids and sharing a quiet moment with your new husband or wife.

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